Sheri Gould


Vocal Warm-up/Work-out!

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See for rental or steaming.

Developing and maintaining an effective vocal routine is essential for keeping your voice healthy and strong. This comprehensive video will help you design a warm-up/work-out routine for you AND your team. Loaded with unique exercises that will help you reach your personal vocal goals and help your team improve their vocals and tighten their blend. Broken down into 3 sections, this easy to use format will make designing your own personalized work-out routine simple! Sheri’s energetic style will help you grow as a vocalist while she guides you through each exercise and shares lots of tips to keep your voice healthy and strong.
PART 1: Personal Vocal Warm-ups PART 2: Personal Vocal Work-out Exercises PART 3: Team Exercises
Sheri Gould is an internationally acclaimed vocal coach. A charismatic and effective communicator, she has captivated audiences all over the world with her entertaining and practical workshops. She and her husband Doug reside in New Jersey where they are enjoying the fruits of their labor (currently 12 grandchildren) from raising 8 amazing children.

1 hour 10 min