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Singer's Bundle! Over 33% off retail

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Our best selling products wrapped into one bundle. 50% off the regular retail price of $60

1) Throat Saver - Rapid Response Spray
Throat saver is an original formula created to help sore and dry throats and may boost the immune system . It is designed to help remove excess mucus and debris from the throat and vocal cords...

2) Basic Vocal Technique (DVD)
In this highly instructional DVD, Sheri tackles some of the basics of singing.

3) Warm-up/Work-out 2nd Edition (DVD)
Developing and maintaining an effective vocal routine is essential for keeping your voice healthy and strong. This comprehensive video will help you design a warm-up/work-out routine for you AND your team. Loaded with unique exercises that will help you reach your personal vocal goals and help your team improve their vocals and tighten their blend.